1. Safety always comes first! Don’t let yourself be hurt.
  2. Safety always comes first! Don’t let your partner be hurt.
  3. Show respect to everyone in the dojo. Disrespect will not be tolerated.
  4. Wear the appropriate uniform. Women/girls wear a shirt that is long enough to be tucked into the pants under the uniform.
  5. Keep fingernails and toenails clean and cut short.
  6. If a student’s hair is long enough to fall over the face (or into the eyes), the student’s hair should be pulled back into a pony-tail with a soft, fabric-covered, non-metal and non-plastic tie (soft scrunchies are o.k.).
  7. Do not wear any jewelry.
  8. Keep our mats clean: Do not walk on the mats with shoes on. Wear shoes when walking around off of the mat.
  9. Only water is allowed in the dojo. Do not bring any other food or drink into the dojo.
  10. Notify an instructor immediately of any injury that has occurred before or during class.
  11. Notify an instructor immediately if you are feeling ill.
  12. Stay fit by running, swimming or walking when you are not doing Judo.
  13. Do not leave the mat area without first notifying one of the instructors.
  14. Students under the age of 18 will not be dismissed from class unless a parent/guardian is present.